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27 Feb 2023 - 18:30
Members of the public can access a live broadcast of the meeting here.
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Public Items
1 Receive the Chairman's Announcements
2 Receive declarations of Member's Interests
3 Receive the Minutes of the Meeting of Council held on 19 December 2022 (to follow)
4 Receive a report from the Leader and receive questions and answers on it (to follow)
5 Answer written questions or receive petitions submitted by the public;
7 Receive reports from the Cabinet:
7a Final Budget 2023/24 & the Medium-Term Financial Strategy (2024/25 to 2027/28) - see agenda item 10(a)
8 Receive reports from Committees and receive questions and answers on those reports:
9 Receive reports about and questions and answers on the business of joint arrangements and external organisations - there are none;
10 Consider the following reports:
11 Consider the following Notices of Motion:

a. submitted by Councillor Knowles and seconded by Councillor Johnson:

“Harborough District Council had an extremely well supported, investigative and committed 'Green Working Group' which though referred to under a variety of names was widely acknowledged as an important contributor to these environmental matters and considerations.

The decision was taken by a majority vote to scrap the working group and to move to other established parts of the council structure the responsibility for the wider issues and the tens of points raised. Many of which required progression and further consideration.

It is vitally important that all of this work is not lost, it is equally important that we know how all the tens of matters identified have progressed. It is therefore moved that a full and detailed report and update be prepared and taken to the appropriate body with HDC in order that members can have the opportunity to see the progress made, work carried out, any proposals and the chance to comment on the report, progress etc. ''  

12 To consider any urgent items (to be decided by the Chairman)


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Councillor Geraldine Whitmore
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