Meeting Details

11 Sep 2002 - 00:00


Meeting Documents

  1. Doc Agenda (56Kb)
  2. Doc Minutes (42Kb)
  3. Doc Best Value Review Health and Community Development (574Kb)
  4. Doc Contribution to Voluntary Bodies (54Kb)
  5. Doc Leics. Local Strategic Board Partnership (48Kb)
  6. Doc Local Government Commission for Electoral Review (38Kb)
  7. Lutterworth Sports Centre Appendix A - Exempt
  8. Lutterworth Sports Centre Appendix B - Exempt
  9. Lutterworth Sports Centre Update - Exempt
  10. Doc Magna Park Grants (56Kb)
  11. Pdf Magna Park Grants Appendix A (842Kb)
  12. Doc Preparation of Urban Capacity Study (53Kb)
  13. Doc Recreation Capital Grant Aid (51Kb)
  14. Doc Section 100A (20Kb)


Declarations of Interests


There were no visitors present at this meeting
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