To lead the community planning process and the search for best value with input and advice from Scrutiny. To lead the Council's policies and budget. To take decisions on resources and priorities together with other stakeholders and partners in the community, to deliver and implement the budget and policy framework. To be the focus for forming partnerships with other local public, private, voluntary sector organisations, to address local needs. The key function will be to carry out all of the Council's functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the Council.
20 May 2013 - 12 May 2050
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07 June 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled
05 July 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled
06 September 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
11 October 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
01 November 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
29 November 202117:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
10 January 202217:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
07 February 202217:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
07 March 202217:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 
04 April 202217:30TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor Jonathan Bateman Member 24/10/2017 - 12/05/2050
Councillor Paul Dann Member 21/05/2019 - 12/05/2050
Councillor James John Hallam Deputy Leader 20/05/2013 - 12/05/2050
Councillor Phillip King Leader 20/05/2013 - 12/05/2050
Councillor Simon Whelband Member 11/06/2020 - 12/05/2050

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